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Welcome to Nursery
Welcome back after the holidays. We hope you have all had a good time and are ready to start another funfilled half term. This term the children will be covering the topic of Farms. We will be learning about the animals on a farm and the food that is grown there.


We  are going to be looking at chickens first in our farm topic. The Nursery children are hopefully going to be hatching their own eggs. The eggs have gone into the incubator and now it is a waiting game. Please ask your child about the eggs and feel free to come in and have a look at them with your child. Keep checking the website for chick updates and photos.


Thursday 30th April 2015.
Mrs Day made a Nursery cow. We have called it Daisy. Mrs Day showed the children Daisy and explained to the children that this is where milk came from. Then Mrs day showed the children how to milk Daisy. They all had a go and thought it was great fun. Please see the photographs below.

We had a fantastic trip up Holcombe Hill on Monday 30th March 2015. The children were very well behaved. They all walked up the hill eagerly. At the top they discussed all the different things they could see around them. Then they had fun rolling their hard boiled eggs down a little part of the hill.
Plus we had amazing weather not a drop of rain until we stepped off the coach back at Nursery.
Check out our photographs below.


Nursery trip to Cronkshawfold Farm, Helmshore is on the 12th May for morning children and 15th May for afternoon children. Please make sure you return your child's slip signed.

Please keep checking our Nursery class page as we will share information with yourselves on this page. We will also share what your child has been doing through photographs.

Please feel free to come into Nursery and talk to any member of the Nursery staff if you have any questions at any time.

Today the children have brought their teddy bears into Nursery and we went on a teddy bears picnic. First we had to find all the bears hiding in the park. Then we found a nice area to sit down and have our picnic. It was great fun!

Today the Children have been reading the story 'Whatever Next!'. They made their own shape rockets and buns. They then went for a picnic on the moon just like the baby bear did in the story. Have a look at our photographs below. Our buns smelled delicious and tasted even better.

The Nursery children had a wonderful time at Cronkshawfold Farm. They learnt about the different vegetables Farmer Joy was growing. They saw the sheep and the lambs and learnt about their numbers on them and what they eat. The children went on a wild woodland walk and had a story in a yurt. They then bottle fed a baby goat, before going on to feed the hens and collect the eggs. All the children were very well behaved. Have a look at the photographs below.
The children had a wonderful time being explorers today at Formby Beach. Firstly we went on an expedition through the woods in search of red squirrels. Then we had a fantastic time playing on the beach. All the children were very well behaved and had a wonderful time, asking when they could come again. Please look at the photographs below.

Formby Beach

Cronkshawfold Farm

Cronkshwfold Farm