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Welcome to year 5-6T

Summer 2  


We hope you have had a great half term break and are ready for our final half term before the summer holidays begin. This term is going to be very busy and we have lots of fun activities planned for you all to enjoy over the next 7 weeks.


We will be continuing with our questions ‘Where are we going and who are we going to meet?' throughout every unit of work. We will be travelling around the world and meeting many significant individuals and looking at many different places around the world.


All of our Summer 2 learning is listed below. We will be posting lots of photographs and documents to aid learning on the school website and on Dojo to keep you updated of all of the fun things we get up to. If you have any questions do not hesitate to speak to us before or after school or send a message on Class Dojo during school hours.





This half term the children in year 6 will be completing the topic Negative Numbers.  During this topic the children will be adding and subtracting negative numbers and using negative numbers.


Our topic after this will be algebra.





The children in year 5 will be completing the topic area and perimeter.  During this topic the children will be finding the perimeter and measuring the area of different shapes. 


Our topic after that will be roman numerals.






In English the children will be reading The Windrush Child by Benjamin Zephania.  During this book the children will be learning all about the Windrush generation, a boys journey to England and what he experiences whilst here.  During this topic the children will be researching information about The Windrush generation and presenting it in the form of a leaflet.  They will also be writing a diary entry in the role of Leonard. 




The children will be mainly covering the grammar objectives for their year group but will cover some objectives across previous years to recap and reinforce their learning.





The children will take part in 4 guided reading sessions every week which will focus on reading comprehension by using a range of questioning techniques to develop their skills.  The children will also be reading independently or with a member of staff daily to develop their fluency.






In Science the children will be learning all about living things and their habitats.  During this topic the children will be describing how living things are classified into broad groups, including microorganisms, plants and animals.  The children will also be learning about different species and the Linnaean system. 







In Geography we are learning about Human Geography.  During this topic the children will be learning all about people who live on our planet, migration, our diverse planet and world poverty.

The children will also be taking part on a study of The Empire Windrush and Caribbean Migration 







During DT the children will be designing and making waistcoats.  During this topic the children will be designing their own waistcoat by looking at different designs and people wearing them, they will be drawing out their design on materials of their choice and then sewing and decorating their waistcoat.





During RE the children will be answering the question- How does faith help us when life gets hard?  During this topic the children will learn about how religion can guide a person and make a difference to their lives.  It will also be a chance for them to ask any questions about religions and learn about the impact a religion can have on a person.



Life skills


Our topic in life skills is safety and the changing body.  During this topic the children will be learning all about substances, social media and changes to the body.  The children will also be learning first aid skills such as choking and basic life support.







The children will be given logins for Times Tables Rock Stars. They can access the app at home on a laptop or ipad. Please encourage your child to access the website at home as this will give them much needed practice of the Times Tables they are unsure of.

Please click below to assess the TTRS website






Our P.E topic for this term is gymnastics.  The children can come into school wearing their PE kit on the day they do PE, which for our class, is on Tuesday.  The children are required to wear-


Black shorts/tracksuit bottoms/leggings

Red t-shirt

Pumps or trainers





Children will be given a spelling list every Friday, please ensure your child practices these as they will be tested on these spellings the following Friday. To support them further, encourage your child to form sentences with the words given.





Children will be given homework weekly to support the teaching that we have been doing in school.  For year 6 this is mainly in the form of the Sat Booster Booklets.  This homework will mainly focus on developing Maths and English skills.  The children can complete this work independently or with the support of parents. It is also extremely important that, as part of their homework, your child reads every day.  Please see the information under the Books heading below.




Reading books will be changed every Friday. Please ensure that books are in school by Thursday. Library books will be changed every week. It is important that your child reads every evening. This could be done independently or with the help of an adult or older sibling.



If you have any questions please do not hesitate to speak to us in the morning or at the end of the school day.



Mrs Thomas and Mrs McQuilton-Morgan



For a fun way to practise measuring angles, we put lots of tape in different directions on the table. The children then had to identify whether the angle was acute, obtuse, a right angle or a reflex angle and measure it using a protractor. This gave us some much needed revision on using a protractor and by the end of the lesson, everyone felt confident naming and measuring angles.


Art- Clay faces in the style of Käthe Kollwitz

Today we did an activity to find out how nutrients and water are absorbed and transported around the body. We learnt that nutrients are absorbed through the walls of our intestines into the blood in a process called diffusion. We also learnt that water is absorbed through the stomach and small intestine- through the villi into the bloodstream via the blood vessels. Hopefully the children will remember this knowledge due to the fun activities we completed to show these processes. We had a great afternoon.

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