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Welcome to Year 3S


Welcome back! We hope you have had a relaxing and enjoyable Christmas break and have recharged your batteries ready for a busy half term ahead!


During this half term we will be answering the question ‘How did the Victorian Period help to shape the Bury we know today?' as part of our History unit. We will be learning all about the Victorian Period and their influence on our town; Bury. We will look at when this period occurred, see how Bury has changed overtime by using different sources, understand the purpose of the ELR, look at what lives of children were like and how being wealthy or poor affected your lives. We will also be creating some drawings of past buildings that are still located in bury as well as designing and creating a railway bridge. This will be something to look forward too!


In Science we will be answering the question ‘Are you attractive enough?' as part of our unit on Forces and Magnetism. During this unit, we will learn about how things move on different surfaces, how forces cause objects to move in different ways, grouping materials as to whether their are magnetic or not, understand magnets can attract and repel magnetic materials. We will conduct an experiment to find out more whether the size of a magnet affects the number of objects in can attract. To end the topic, we will create a magnetic maze game using our scientific knowledge to help us.


In Literacy, the children will be writing a diary entry. We will be reading a short story this half term called 'Red Eyes at Night' by Michael Morpurgo which will be the basis of our diary. The children will do lots of drama and role playing throughout reading the story to aid their understanding of the text. The children will be introduced to a new grammatical feature called the 'perfect tense' which they will use to write their diaries. The children will continue to use coordinating and subordinating conjunctions to extend sentences as well as using adjectives and expanded noun phrases to describe. We will look at how to differentiate between times and places by using fronted adverbials too.


In Numeracy, the children are continuing with Multiplication and Division. They will learn to recall the 3x, 4x and 8x table as well as the corresponding division facts quickly. This will also be done through the use of Times Table Rock Stars (TTRS) so please access this at home. The children will learn how to use formal methods for multiplcation and division and apply these to solve problems that could involve missing numbers, integer scaling or correspondence problems. To end the half term, the children will learn how to measure, compare, add and subtract lengths (cm,mm,m), mass (g,Kg) and volume and capacity (ml,l).


In R.E the children will be learning all about 'Contents and significance of the Bible'.  The children will look at the composition of the Bible and its importance and use in the lives of believers.


Please visit this page regularly as it will be updated with photos of our work and links to aid learning. Take a look at our planning documents to find out more about what we will be learning this year.


Children will require their P.E. kits every Thursday and Friday. They should leave it in school until the half term holiday. This will ensure that they don’t regularly forget their P.E. kit. The children will need either pumps or trainers as the children will participate in outdoor and indoor activities throughout the term. If your child doesn’t have the correct footwear, they may not be able to participate in certain activities, which would have a negative impact on their physical development.



Children will be given a spelling list every Wednesday, please ensure your child practices these as they will be tested on these spellings the following week. To support them further, encourage children to form sentences with the words given.


Learning logs

Children will be given learning log challenges each term which is linked to the work they have been covering throughout the topic. This needs to be handed in on specific dates, please take this opportunity to work with your child and tackle the challenges with a creative, imaginative mind that celebrates your child's ideas. Please look at our homework grid below.



Reading books and library books will be changed every Tuesday. Please ensure that reading records are signed and brought into school every Tuesday to allow books to be changed. It is important that your child reads every evening. This could be done independently or with the help of an adult or older sibling.


Times Tables Rock Stars (TTRS)

The children have been given logins for Times Tables Rock Stars. They can access the app at home on a laptop or iPad and even get the opportunity to play against the teachers some evenings. Please encourage your child to access the website at home as this will give them much needed practice of the Times Tables they are unsure of.

Please click below to assess the TTRS website

Please do not hesitate to see me before or after the school day if you have any questions or need any further information.


Thank you for your support.


Miss Shaikh and Mrs Baig 

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