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12th June 2020


Today i would like you to practise all the letters we have learnt so far. I will put the songs on below for you to practise with. The letters you need to do are 's, a, t, p, i, n, m, d, g, o, c'.



Begin with ordering your number cards as quickly as you can. Then play show me. Your Mummy or Daddy will need to say a number you need to find the number in your number line and then hold up that many fingers.



Today i thought you could have a fun game of 'Freeze Dance'. Your Mummy or Daddy need to play some music and stop it without telling you, as soon as the music stops you have to freeze. You are not allowed to move at all until the music starts playing again. Get the whole family involved and have some fun.

Jolly Phonics Group 1

"m" - Jolly Phonics Song

"m" - Jolly Phonics Song The mum and the dad make many meals. /mmm/! /mmm/! The mum and the dad make many meals for their hungry children. The Letter M! Lear...

D Jolly Phonics songs & Sounds

D Jolly Phonics songs & sounds See me play on my drum. Playing drums is lots of fun, With a /d/-/d/-/d/-/d/ /d/-/d/-/d/-d/-/d/ See me play upon my drum! Fun ...

Jolly Phonics songs - G & sound

"o" - Jolly Phonics songs & sounds

"o" - Jolly Phonics songs & sounds Now it's dark, the lights go on. /o/- /o/-/o/-/o/-/o/ Time for bed, the lights go off! /o/-/o/-/o/-/o/-/o/ The Letter O | ...

Jolly Phonic ck song

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The Hungry Donkey Part One

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The Hungry Donkey Part Two

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The Hungry Donkey Part Three

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