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Hello and welcome to Reception!!

Summer Term 2014

During this term we will be learning through the topic of fairytales. Over the Holidays please find as many fairytales as you can and read them with your child. The children's Learning Logs have their Easter Homework in. Please have a read.
We will be reading fairy stories and looking at character, settings and plot. Children will be taking part in maths, science and art based activities centered around the fairytale theme. in the last week of term we will have a fairytale event for Early years children and their parents.
Enjoy your Easter holidays!!!!!

PE is still on Monday and Tuesday. Please ensure your child has a PE kit in school.

Please continue to help your child to learn the alphabet by singing songs and playing alphabet games on your laptops or ipads if you have them. If you put 'alphabet song' into Google there are lots of nice ones that come up.
Next term in Maths we will be doubling and halving numbers to 10 and solving problems using the maths we know.
Learning Logs being given out most Fridays containing a task for your child to do at home. Please can you support your child to complete the Learning Log homework so they can feedback their findings during Key Group time on Mondays. Thank you.
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