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Helping my child to read.


It is really important that you read with you child every day for at least 20 minutes. This could be in a variety of different ways. Some children might find reading tricky so it is important to make it a positive and fun experience for your child.


1. Let your child use their phonics knowledge.


You might want to go through the sounds on their sound mats before you start reading and have them available.

Ask the children sound out each of the words and then blend to read them.



2.Ask children questions about the book 


It can be a lot for your child to read in one go and they might be forgetting what they are reading. Just by asking your child questions about what they are reading will tell you if they know what they are reading. 




You will have been given 2 books for your child to read with you at home. Please carry on reading the books with your child so they become familiar with the words. I am sure you will have lots of books for your child to read at home but if you would like something different there are lots of books you can read online. Have a look at the websites below. 


Oxford Owl have got some great books which are matched to your child's age and level. You will need to sign up but it is FREE 

Click on 5-6 

Then click on levels- book bands.



Other online books available on:

Some great comics available at the right level for your child.  Books that you might want to read together. 



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