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Thursday 25th June

Reading Activities - How to Train Your Dragon  by Cressida Cowell. Today is Chapter 19 - Hiccup the Useful. Please listen to the chapter and tick to the box to prove you have listened to them. 


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Maths Activity - MNP Volume Lesson 4 - For this lesson, we are learning to find the capacity of boxes. Capacity is similar to volume. Capacity is the volume when something is full. To work out volume/capacity, we will use the following formula (equation) Volume = length x width x height You will not make a mistake if you use the equation above and you are confident in your times tables which you all should be.


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Literacy Activity - I would like you to make sure you have listened to the chapter of the story before attempting the activity. I have given you a question to answer I would like you to answer it as fully as you can (answer will be a short paragraph). The question is as follows: Describe how Hiccup and Toothless's relationship has developed from the start, to the middle, then the end of the story. For this question, it is vital that you write about what their relationship was like up to Thor'sday Thursday (start); what their relationship was like when they were going to be exiled and the Green death showing up; then finally what it was like after the events of this chapter. These are 3 distinct changes in character and relationship. The question is 3 marks therefore each stage equals 1 mark. Best of luck!

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