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Friday 24th April

Reading Activities - Chapter 2 of Goodnight Mister Tom (Little Weirwold). Please make sure you tick the box to prove you have listened to the chapter. 


Maths Activities - Roman Numerals in Home Learning Pack - Pages 2,3,4,5,6,7. If you would like to do them all, be my guest. Pages 2,3,4 are Greater Depth (T4) so they will be harder. Pages 5,6,7 are expected (T3) questions that everyone should be able to have a go at. Use your knowledge of Roman Numerals from the previous lessons to answer the questions. 


Literacy Activities - Character descriptions of Willie and Tom based on what we know so far in the book. This could be done as a piece of writing, a mind map or role on the wall. 


Spelling Test - Complete spelling test on Seesaw. 



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