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Wednesday, 13th May



I hope you are all well. 


Please find below your work for today. I will be adding your White Rose Hub maths sheets to our class story on Dojo. 


Stay safe,


Mrs T




Choose a times table to practice. Remember by the end of Year 2 children should know their 2, 5 and 10 times tables and their related division facts. If your child is confident with these they should move on to their 3 and then 4 times tables.


Main session

Complete the lesson on the White Rose hub website (see links below)


SUMMER Wk4 Lesson 1 


  • Please watch the video to support your understanding.
  • Try the sheet which will be sent to you on Class Dojo.

White Rose Hub initially offered all documents for free but now only offer the videos. We have subscribed as a school so we will still have access to the sheets but I will be adding these and the answer document to our class story each day as it is not a public site. 

  • Check your work against the answers (added to class story).


Remember, you can either print it, write the answers out or discuss them with a family member.



If your child finds the White Rose sheet fairly easy I have also attached an additional problem solving activity. As that suggests the questions are more tricky, take time and are to extend learning further. They get more difficult as you work through them. The answers are also provided to support you to review the work.



Today I would like you to try a reading comprehension. I have added 4 options linked to plants and growth. You can choose which one you would like to do and you might even like to do them all. Remember to use your VIPERS skills that we had been using in class. After you have finished them, check your work against the answers.



As our literacy work is based on plants I thought we could take some time to look at a key figure in history. Today, I would like you to learn about the life and achievements of Emmeline Pankhurst.     







  • Watch the 2 videos and read the text to learn about her life.
  • Complete the activities which involve creating a poster and taking a quiz.
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