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29th April 2020


Today i would like you to listen to my robot talk and see if you can find all the items i say in your house. Don't forget to send me a picture on the class dojo.



Begin by ordering your number cards form 0-10. Can you do it quicker than you did yesterday? Now draw circles on a piece of paper and you can either use felt tips or if you have got paint put some coloured paint out in shallow pots. Then ask your Mummy or Daddy to give you a number between 1-10 or if you are very good with your numbers between 1-20. Once your Mummy or Daddy have given you a number you are going to put that many petals on your circle to make a flower. Count your petals to check how many you have got and then write the number in the middle of your flower, Fill up your page with colourful flowers, each with different amounts of petals. See photograph below as an example.



To continue looking at baby animals i would like you to watch the You Tube Video below of the story 'Monkey Puzzle'. I want you to think about how the animal babies look like their mummies and find the babies that are not the same as their Mummy. Let me know which animal it is by posting a comment on the class dojo.

Robot Talk Activity

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Flower Counting

Where's My Mom | Monkey Puzzle

This wonderful book written by Julia Donaldson and illustrated by Axel Scheffler was requested by my friend Alison who is starting her new teaching career in...

The Naughty Sheep Part One

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The Naughty Sheep Part Two

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The Naughty Sheep Part Three

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The Naughty Sheep Part Four

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