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To start today's phonics please can you recap all of your phase 3 and phase 5 sounds.You can use your sound mats or you could use the flash cars on phonics play

Can you now practice your tricky words- You need to be able to read and spell these!


Today we want you to look at the sound 'aw' like in saw ,'or' like in fork and 'au' like in launch.

Can you read these words

paw             fork          launch

straw          storm        haunted

saw            doctor         author

squawk        anchor       autumn


You can use one of the games suggested on Monday or Tuesday or i want you to practise reading words on Reading Robot. Please press the phonics screening test or phase 5.





Lesson 3- Make equal groups (Sharing)

Follow the link below to watch the video and complete the activity.

The answer and question sheets are at the bottom of the page. You can either write these down or print the questions out. Ask an adult to check your answers. 



Activity 3: Let's get creative

Imagine you could create your own land at the top of The Magic Faraway Tree.

  • Choose a name for your land and write three sentences to describe what your land looks like.


Once you've written your three sentences, you will need to think about how you could travel to the land. Will you fly? climb? or maybe there will be multiple ways to travel there.

If you were to fly there, what would you fly on - a magic broom, a bird, a rocket? Would there be other ways to get there? What would the journey be like?

  • Once you've thought about all these things. Either write down how you would travel there (remembering to include describing words) or draw what the journey would look like (including notes next to your drawings to describe things).




Today we want you to learn about Neil Armstrong. Watch the video.


Activity 1

Asking questions about the past

A great way for children to learn about the past is to ask questions.

Together think of some questions you would like to ask about Neil Armstrong and keep them to use in activity 2


Then watch the next video did they answer any of your questions?


It would be lovely to hear some of the questions you have come up with. 



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