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Tuesday 21st April

Hi Year 2,


It was lovely seeing some of your fabulous cards for Captain Tom, they were all great!


Here is today's work...



For today we will continue to look at suffixes with a focus on 'ly'.


Watch the video and have a go at the quiz.


I believe the issues with White Rose Hub have been sorted so today we will continue our fraction work from before Easter. 


Week 2- Lesson 3: Unit Fractions


Please watch the video to support your understanding and then try the sheet below. Remember, you can either print it, write the answers out or discuss them with a family member.

The answer sheet has also been attached to allow you to check your work. 


To continue the great work and learning you have done about Captain Tom Carr today I would like you to write a thank you letter to him.


Remember to use the grammar you have been learning in school including capital letters and full stops. Your final letter should be in your neatest handwriting. 


I have attached some documents below to help you. 


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