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Tuesday 23rd June

Reading Activities - How to Train Your Dragon  by Cressida Cowell. Today is Chapter 17 - In the Mouth of the Dragon. Please listen to the chapter and tick to the box to prove you have listened to them. 


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Maths Activity - MNP Volume Lesson 2 - Today's lesson we are focusing on writing volume using the correct unit of measurement (cm cubed). I touched on this and showed it yesterday. We are still looking at using cubes.


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Literacy Activity - HTTYD Figurative Language (Similes) - Having read today's chapter, I would like you to create similes based on phrases in this chapter of Hiccup being trapped in the Dragon's Mouth. Only Hiccup knows what is was like being in there so let's be creative when creating our similes and comparing it to something we can imagine. Aim to create at least 5 simile sentences please on Page 3 (and 4 if needed). There will be an assortment of phrases, words and sentences I would like you to turn into similes. Remember, similes are when you say: something is like something; or as something as.... See the examples below Fire flickered out of the two small holes like incendiary bullets being shot out of MG-42 (Machine Gun). Hiccup hung there in the darkness as still as a lonely jacket on a cloakroom peg.

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