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Monday, 4th May

Good morning, 


I hope you had a lovely weekend. 


Here are today's tasks...



Warm up


Go on the times tables website and choose one that you you need to focus on. 


Main session

Summer  Week 2-Lesson 3: Four operations with length


Click on the following link to access it.


  • Please watch the video to support your understanding.
  • Try the sheet below.
  • Check your work against the answers (attached below).


Remember, you can either print it, write the answers out or discuss them with a family member.



If your child finds the measures sheet fairly easy I have also attached an additional problem solving activity. As that suggests the questions are more tricky, take time and are to extend learning further. They get more difficult as you work through them. The answers are also provided to support you to review the work.


The main focus is the White Rose Hub sheet as this continues our learning in class. 



Today we will be writing some sentences about mini beasts. Follow the link to watch the video.







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