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Monday 20th April

Welcome back Year 2!


I hope that you have all had a lovely Easter break.  For most of this the weather has been kind, so hopefully you have been able to get yourself out into the fresh air, either in your garden or on short walks with your family.  I'm hoping that you also enjoyed some chocolate, but not too much!!!



Here are your activities for today … 




Continue our learning from class on suffixes.


Remember a suffix is a letter or group of letters that goes on the end of a word and changes the word's meaning.

Sometimes they also change the original word's spelling. When adding a suffix you might have to double the last letter. For example when adding 'ed' to 'drop' you also double the p so it becomes 'dropped'.

Some suffixes have specific uses. Adding ‘ing’ can change a noun into a verb eg 'garden' to 'gardening'. While ‘ed’ can put a verb in the past tense eg 'jump' to 'jumped'.

In class we began to learn all of the spelling patterns. 


Watch the videos and have a go at the quiz.



**** There appears to be issues with the White Rose Hub website so we will continue with our fraction work from tomorrow hopefully****


So for today we will continue to practice our number bonds and times tables using the 'Hit the button' page. The children are all familiar with these games.


- Number bonds

- Times tables

- Double numbers


Challenge yourself- how many can you get right in a minute?




I am sure you have seen the fantastic news about Captain Tom Moore, the amazing 99 year old who aimed to raise £1,000 by walking 100 laps of his garden but has now raised over £26 million at the last count. 


On the 30th April he will be 100 years old! 


I would like you to make him a birthday card. 


Please follow the link to find out more about Captain Tom and read the documents below to help you to know what to include.




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