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Monday 27th April

Reading Activities - Goodnight Mister Tom (Chapter 3 - Saturday Morning). Please listen to the chapter and tick to the box to prove you have listened to them. Please read the literacy activity as there is a task to complete whilst listening.


There is a Crossword Activity based on the first chapter to complete on Seesaw for a bit of fun and to test your memory. 


Maths Activity - MNP Review of Roman Numerals. 2 pages long and relatively straight forward to follow; therefore this is no guidance video. 


Literacy Activity - We are going to focus on how accents are portrayed in Goodnight Mister Tom. Based on the chapters read, I would like you to complete the activity on Seesaw. Once you've listened to the chapter, I would like you to skim and scan and copy any dialogue for Mr. Tom Oakley. This can be transferred onto the the table and I would like it translating into Standard English so we can understand what he is saying.  Following on from this, there is a question to answer that requires us to PEE on our work. It is worth 3 marks so you will need to make two points, find two pieces of evidence and explain them both.#


Link to teach video -


Spelling Test will occur on Friday and be on Seesaw. I will read the word out for the children to write one each separate page. . The target is >8 (80% or more). For this week's spellings, we are looking at words containing the letter string 'ough'. Children to complete, handwriting and word-search activities. This week's spellings are as follows:

  • plough
  • bough
  • drought
  • brought
  • bought
  • wrought
  • thought
  • ought
  • borough
  • thorough (This is a Y5 Statutory spelling so please ensure you can spell this word)
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