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Tuesday 7th July

Reading Activities - The Firework-maker's Daughter. The next two weeks I will be reading a story by the author Philip Pullman called 'The Firework-maker's Daughter'. I will be reading a chapter a day or splitting a chapter into two parts. Today is Chapter 2. 


Link to Chapter -


Maths Activity - MNP Revision 4 - This is a revision of the following areas of maths taught: area and perimeter; volume; measurements; and Roman Numerals. Please watch the guidance video if you need to to help explain all the questions being asked.


Link to Guidance video -


Literacy Activity - Letter writing to Lalchand - For today's lesson, it is important you have read Chapter 1 and 2. We are going to write a better version of Lila's letter to her father, Lalchand. I've attached key parts of the story to re-read to guide your letter writing. Following this, there is a planning page, a page containing potential sentence starters to use with word bank, and an exemplar letter I have written to show you What a Good Letter looks like. You may use ideas from my letter but do not copy it. You may write your letter on paper and upload a picture of it if you want but the letter must not be short.

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