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    Collective Worship 2019- 2020

Spring 1- Courage 



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Picture 1 Martin Luther King
Picture 2 Rosa Parks
Picture 3 David and Goliath
Picture 4 Esther

Autumn 2- Compassion 

This half term we are looking at the value compassion. We will be thinking about how we can be a good neighbour and how we can show that we care. We will also look at how Jesus showed compassion in the bible by healing sick people and other bible stories which can teach us how to be compassionate towards other people. 

Have a look at the home school value sheet to see what discussion you can have with your child. 




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Footprints In The Sand - Instrumental (HD)

In worship club we have been looking at the poem Footprints in the sand. We watched the video and then talked about what had happened in the video. We talked about who was walking along the beach and where the second set of footprints went. We decided that one set of footprints is a mans and the other one was God's.
We then thought about how this links with our theme of compassion. God shows compassion towards us by carrying us through hard and difficult times. We then wrote prayers and asked God to help us by showing us who we can show compassion to.

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Compassion charity displays

Christmas decorations

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