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Friday 3rd July

Reading Activities - The Tales of Beedle the Bard. Today's Tale is called 'The Tale of the Three Brothers'. Each story has a moral or meaning behind it and after each one, there are a collection of notes written by Albus Dumbledore (Headmaster of Hogwarts) that provide a little bit of history and meaning behind each tale. Please tick the box to prove you have listened to the tales. For this tale, I have also attached a film clip from Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows as this is where the tale first appears.


Link to Tale -


Link to the Video -


Maths Activity - MNP Volume Lesson 10 - For the lesson, we are continuing using our knowledge of volume and capacity to solve word problems that involve the comparison model. Please watch the guidance video to help you solve the worksheet. It gives you all the steps needed to be successful without telling you the answer. You may need to watch it again for each question if you forget.


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Literacy Activity - TTOTTB - Mixture of Activities

Having read the last story and watched the film version of the tale, I have again got an array of fun activities to complete.

Page 1 - Opinion .Which of the three objects the brothers asked for do you desire the most, if any? Do you think that it would have a positive or negative impact on your life to own this object? No right or wrong answer, just your opinion. 

Page 2/3 - Art - You've now heard all the tales that Beedle published. Imagine they are to be republished. Design a book cover for the relaunch. It should have some aspect of each of the tales included but other than that you are free in your design choices. Have fun with it. See the examples provided.

Page 4 - Creative - Legend has it that there was actually a fourth brother. Your task is to write about the fourth brother. It is up to you to tell me more about him. What kind of personality did he have? What reward did he ask for? How does this change the symbol of the Deathly Hallows (the circle and line enclosed in a triangle)? Feel free to include any other information about him and a picture of your new Hallows symbol.

Page 5 - Puzzle - Whilst scouring textbooks in the Hogwarts library I came across a drawing of the three brothers. Unfortunately, over the years several mischievous students have made small changes to the picture. There are 15 in total. Compare the edited picture to the original and see if you can spot the differences. Send me either a list of the differences or an image showing where they are.

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