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19th June 2020


Today i would like you to have another look at rhyming because it's important that we keep practising the different skills we have learnt so we don't forget them. So today please log onto Phonics Play and click on Phase 1 and please play 'Cake Bake'.



For your maths today i would like you to order your number cards 0-10 or 0-15. I would then like you to play 'missing number'. So once your number cards are set out you are going to close your eyes and your Mummy or Daddy are going to take one number away. When they tell you to open your eyes you have to work out which number is missing.



Today i would like you to think of all the things you do with your Daddy and all the things your Daddy does for you. On Sunday it will be Father's Day and so i thought today you could make your Daddy a wonderful Father's Day card to say thank you for all those things he does. I have also put on a story for you to watch for Father's Day.

Me And My Dad

Little bear and his dad do wonderful thhings-- exploring high in the mountains, swimming in the rain, and telling stories as the stars come out. Best of all,...

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