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I was inspired to do this after receiving a video from Yasin where he had learned to tie a balloon, something I still struggle with! Well done Yasin.


We are all normally rushing around and can struggle to fit things and skills that we want to learn in. So I thought, what better a time now that we are at home, to try and master some new skills.

Every 1 to 2 weeks (depending how difficult the skill is) I will set a new challenge. This will be a useful or fun skill/challenge to learn while you are in lockdown. 




Challenge 1




Your first challenge (if you wish accept it wink) is to learn to tie your own shoelaces. I don't think you'll be surprised that I have chosen this Year 2 given the number of laces that Mrs Chandler and myself are asked to tie on a daily basis. 


You have 2 weeks to try and master this skill (but obviously if you need longer that's fine too). 


Please send me you pictures/videos to earn a special 'Lockdown life skill challenge' Dojo. 


Good luck!



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