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To start today's phonics please can you recap all of your phase 3 and phase 5 sounds.You can use your sound mats or you could use the flash cars on phonics play


Can you now practice your tricky words- You need to be able to read and spell these


Today I want you to look at o_e like in bone. Can you read and write these words

bone   cone

mole   slope

rose    home

alone   pole

smoke  stone


Again you can practice using the games on phonics play or i have attached some sheets and games at the bottom of this page.



Activity 3: Writing sentences using 'and'

Imagine you live deep in the ocean.

Write three sentences explaining what you can see. Try to use the word 'and' in each sentence.

Here is an example: I can see a whale and some seaweed.



Lesson 4 - Add more and count on within 20 on

Watch the following video.

Print out the Questions sheet or write down the answers. Ask an adult to check your work. 


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