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6th July 2020


Today i would like you to learn the grapheme, phoneme, action and song for the new letter 'h'. Please watch the video below.



Today i would like you to begin by ordering your number cards 0-10 or 0-20.  Next i would like you to do an activity we have done a while ago. On some cards write down some actions e.g. clapping, jumping, stamping, star jumps etc. Then shuffle you number cards and put them in a pile face down. Next put your action cards into a pile face down. Then pick a number card and an action card and then do that action for the number of times you have picked e.g. if i pick a four and the action card clap, i would clap four times.



For your activity today and tomorrow i thought you could make a paper mache bowl. It will take two days because it will need to dry before you can paint it. I will put a link on below with the instructions on how to make it.


Jolly phonics - letter 'h'

Still image for this video

Jolly Phonics h song

Jolly Phonics h song I like to hop, hop, hop, Up and down. I like to hop, hop, hop, all around. I like to hop, hop, hop, up and down- /h/-/h/-/h/-/h/-/h/ Fun...

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