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Thursday 23rd April

Hello Year 2, 


I hope have all been enjoying the sunshine. It looks like we are going to have another super sunny day today so make sure you get outside and get some fresh air. laugh


I have LOVED seeing all the great things that you have been doing at home in addition to the tasks that I set you. There is lots of baking going on and the cakes and buns all look very tasty (I bet they don't last long!) along with arts and crafts. Keep it up Year 2 and send me your pictures. Remember, you can add to the message part of Dojo or your Portfolio. I wonder if any of you have been helping to keep your houses tidy and help with the washing, if not then maybe you could help your parents, I'm sure that they would appreciate it!


Take care, 


Mrs T

Here are today's tasks...



In phonics we will look at compound words. These are separate words which can be combined to make one new word. For example 'play' and 'ground' would become playground. I wonder how many more you can think of?


Watch the video and have a go at the quiz. 


Today we will continue our learning about fractions but before you do that you might like to have a try at either your number bonds or times tables on 'Hit the button'. You are all so great at this in class!


Week 2- Lesson 5: Equivalence of a half and 2 quarters 

Remember- this should be familiar to you as we had started to cover this when we finished.


Please watch the video to support your understanding and then try the sheet below.

Remember, you can either print it, write the answers out or discuss them with a family member.


The answer sheet has also been attached to allow you to check your work


In Literacy this week we have been learning about Captain Tom who is helping lots of people by raising money. I thought we would continue learning about key people or events for today and tomorrow also. 


Today is a very busy day historically, it is...

  • St George's Day- where we celebrate our patron saint St. George.
  • Shakespeare's birthday (a very famous writer who lived a long time ago)
  • My birthday....sadly I am not 21 today... and neither can I share cake or biscuits with you as I normally would. crying But it is sunny and you are all making me smile by sharing your amazing work with me. 


So.... today's work will be to learn more about St George's Day.


Firstly, learn about the day by looking at the power points and then choose one (or however many you like) tasks from the following:

  • Complete the reading comprehension
  • Design your own coat of arms (choose from 1 of the 3 shield templates)
  • Draw a picture of a dragon or George and the dragon and label it.
  • Draw George and the Dragon on Purple Mash- set as a 2Do
  • Add yourself to the mash cam and write your thoughts as George - set as a 2Do on Purple Mash.



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