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Friday 26th


Activity 1: Re-watch 'The Great Realisation' 

Yesterday, you listened and read the poem 'The Great Realisation' which talks about 2020 and what we have gone through. 

I would like you to re-watch the clip of the poem being performed and I would like you to pay attention to the positive and negative ideas and images shown in this poem. I would like you to sort them into positive and negative. Are there any that could fall in both positive and negative?

Activity 2: What does the future hold?

We have seen a very different world recently and at times, it has been scary for us all. I would like you to make a list of things you would like the world to be from now on. Try and think of six different hopes for the future.


For example:

  • No racism
  • Equality
  • More appreciation for the NHS and other key workers
  • Less violence and hate
  • No selfishness 
  • To make every day count

Activity 3: Write a persuasive letter

For today's writing activity, you are going to write to our local MP, James Daly. You are going to write to him about your hopes for the future and why you want them. As our local MP, he should listen to your thoughts and ideas and find ways of achieving them for our local area. You need to be persuasive as this increases your chances of it happening. You may want to come up with some ideas linked to your hopes.

I will attach a planning sheet to help you if you would prefer to do this first.

Planning sheet for persuasive letter




Friday Challenge.


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