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Friday 26th June

Reading Activities - How to Train Your Dragon  by Cressida Cowell. Today is the Epilogue. Please listen to the chapter and tick to the box to prove you have listened to them. 


Link to Chapter -


Maths Activity - MNP Volume Lesson 5 - For this activity, we are carrying on using the formula to work out volume of rectangular boxes. Volume = length x width x height. The worksheet also requires you to work out how many cubes would fit if they are not 1 cubic centimetre. The 2nd page of the worksheet changes the measurement to 3 cubic centimetres.


Link to the lesson -


Link to the guidance -


Literacy Activity - Book Review - I've attached a proforma for you to use as a book review. I am aware that the space is small and you may not fit the information in. You don't have to write on the sheet but can use additional pages on Seesaw to answer the questions. I would like you to go into lots of detail in your review rather than short answers. The review should make me want to pick the book up.


Spelling Test - Listen to each word on the individual pages on the seesaw document. Write each word on the correct page. If you cannot hear the audio, please do the test on paper and upload a photo so I can see your spellings and scores. 

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