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Monday, 6th July

Hello everyone, 


We are down to our last 2 weeks of school.


Keep up the fabulous work that you have been doing throughout. I have loved seeing all your efforts on Dojo. 


Have a great day, 


Mrs T



Here are today's tasks...




Practice your division facts on Hit the Button. These are very important as they will help you in so many areas of maths.


Main session

We are now looking at weighing items over the next few lessons. 


Look at the learning summary on measuring mass in grams. 

You don't need to do the work sheets on it as I have attached work to be completed below.



Now watch this video. 


Afterwards I would like you to try the sheet attached below and check your work against the answers.

Remember, you can either print it, write the answers out or discuss them with a family member.



If your child finds the White Rose sheet fairly easy I have also attached an additional problem solving activity. As that suggests the questions are more tricky, take time and are to extend learning further. They get more difficult as you work through them. The answers are also provided to support you to review the work.



You can also refer to this to support your learning. It gives an overview of shape in Y2 including the key vocabulary. 






When you've finished a piece of writing, it's important to make sure you check it for errors.

There are four things to check for:

  • make sure your sentences flow nicely

  • double-check your facts

  • check everything makes sense

  • look out for spelling, grammar and punctuation mistakes

Most authors, even famous ones, rewrite their stories many times before they are happy to let someone else read them.


Watch this short video to find out more.


Now try the activities:


Activity 1: Spot errors on the online sheet


Activity 2: 

How do you keep fit and healthy? Maybe you play sports or do regular exercise.

Write three sentences that tell somebody which exercises or sports you enjoy doing and why you do them.

  • Make sure you include joining words in your sentences. These are words that join two clauses in a sentence together. They are words like and, but and or.
  • Once you've written your sentences make sure you double check your spelling, punctuation and use of capital letters


Activity 3:

Either complete the sheet attached below spotting the errors OR look back at your letter to your new teacher and review it for any mistakes.





Today you are going to learn more about dinosaurs and fossils.


Would a T.rex catch a Triceratops? What did a Stegosaurus eat? How do we know what dinosaurs looked like?

Find out by playing the Dinosaur Discovery game below.


Learn more about fossils and the evolution of life on Earth in this video.

Martin Hughes-Games visits a science museum and explains the different ways fossils can be formed. Watch the video to find out more.


Now draw your favourite dinosaur and write a few sentences about it explaining why it is your favourite. 


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