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         Welcome to Year 5!

Welcome back Year 5! I hope you have all had a nice half term break and you are ready to work hard in this next term. We have a lot of learning to do but you will really enjoy this term's topics. We are still coming to school in uncertain times but we are still following the rules we already know from before half term. I am looking forward to seeing you all on Monday 19th April. 


During this term, a lot of you will be celebrating Ramadan. As you are now in Year 5, you are allowed to participate in fasting during school time. Your parents will need to sign and give myself or Mrs Attique a letter to consent you to fast during school. Until this letter has been brought in, children will not be permitted to fast. Please ensure the letters are brought in as soon as possible.


All of our Summer 1 learning is listed below so keep up to date with what we are going to be doing each term. There is are also websites available under our topics to help you with what we are doing in class.


If there is any problems, please contact myself on ClassDojo in school hours or speak to us on the door at the start or end of the day.


Miss Taylor and Mrs Attique


This term, we will be focusing on geometry in maths. We will be looking at different angles and answering problems involving angles. We will also be learning to use a protractor to measure and draw angles. 


We will also be focusing on position and movement. We will be learning how to plot, describe position and movements and reflecting different shapes.


We will also be moving on to measurements and looking at converting lengths (mm, cm, m, inches) and mass (g, kg, lbs) units. We will also look at converting different periods of time (seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks and years).



This term, we will be looking at two books to inspire our writing in literacy. We will be reading and producing work on 'The Adventures of Odysseus' and 'Varmints'. We will following the stories and engage in various writing tasks around the novels where appropriate. Our end writing assessment will be to write a formal letter to an MP.


In grammar, we will be focusing on the year 5 objectives throughout the year where appropriate. 

We will continue to revisit previously taught grammar and punctuation from the start of the year and previous years to make sure children improve their confidence. 


In Summer 1, we are going to be learning about different forces. This is a practical topic so we will have the chance to complete different experiments to help our learning. We are going to be looking at a lot of different forces during this topic, for example: gravity, friction, air resistance, buoyancy and water resistance. 

The person we are going to be meeting in this science topic is Sir Issac Newton.


This term, we will be starting to focus on our last geography topic which is the human world. We will be using Manchester to help us see how cities change and develop overtime. We will also be looking at the economy and trade on a local, national and international level.



In Summer 1 , our Art topic will be 'Designing for a purpose'. We are going to be doing a lot of artwork based on your designing it yourself. It is going to be a very creative topic but I can't wait to see what you come up with. You are going to be designing your own coat of arms, products and designing an advert for your product.



In Summer 1, our RE lessons are going to be focusing on Islam and the role of the Mosque. 

Design and Technology

In Summer 1, we are going to making stuffed toys. We will be choosing a shape for our stuffed toys and picking from certain materials to make our toys. We will also be practising different types of stitches to help us assemble our stuffed toy.


The children will be given logins for Times Tables Rock Stars. They can access the app at home on a laptop or ipad. Please encourage your child to access the website at home as this will give them much needed practice of the Times Tables they are unsure of. Children will be taking part in TTRS in class 4 times a week.


Please click below to assess the TTRS website


This year, our P.E lessons will take place on Monday afternoons. The children will not be getting changed for P.E before the lesson. Please ensure your child has suitable clothing and footwear on for school on this day. 

This term's focus: Athletics



Every Monday, your child will be given their new spelling lists out. Please take time to help your child learn these spellings each week. They will be tested on the following Monday. The children will be introduced to different methods to help them learn the spelling rules. To help your child learn their spellings, please encourage them to recap the meaning of words and put them into sentences.



The children will receive homework every week for maths and grammar. The homework they are set will be linked to the work we have done in class that week. The homework will be set and given out on the same day each week to ensure routine for the children. This is to ensure that they continue to improve and demonstrate their understanding of the work taught. Please ensure your child completes their homework and brings it in on time. Try to encourage your child to complete the work independently so I can see what they can do.


Monday: Grammar homework set and due in.

Wednesday: Maths homework set and due in.


Learning logs

Children will be given learning log challenges each term which is linked to the work they have been covering throughout the topic. I will ask for children to bring these in on certain dates to monitor the work they are doing from home. Please ensure your child is completing the tasks and encourage them to present their work in as many different ways as possible.


Reading books

Children will be given a new reading book every Friday. Please make sure your child's book is read and returned by Thursday. All books will be quarantined for 72 hours before given out again due to Coivd-19. Please ensure your child is reading every night with an adult or older sibling. It is essential your child engages in reading for pleasure so there vocabulary and comprehension improves.


If you have any questions or problems, please speak to us before or after school. We are always here to help.


Miss Taylor and Mrs Attique smiley

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