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Friday 8th May - V.E day

Today, I have some different tasks for you to do, which all revolve around V.E day celebrations. It is a very special day and we should have been marking the occasion in school together. As the current situation continues on, this has put a stop to us doing this in school. However, it can still be celebrate in your family homes together. Some of you will have completed the V.E comprehension so you will know why we celebrate it. If you did not manage to do the comprehension activity, you may want to read it below or research a little bit about it before you do anything.


Mrs Farnworth has asked for tasks to be done to mark 75 years of V.E day so please try and complete at least one of them. The bunting task could be done as a family as this is a day we should be celebrating with others. 

Hashir and his family have already had mini V.E celebrations and made bunting alongside having a little buffet. She was thrilled to see his picture when I sent it and she can not wait to see what the rest of you do.


She has asked for the older children in the school (you!) to include what you think V.E day means to you and why we celebrate it on your bunting. Try and make your bunting meaningful to you and your family. We can't wait to see what you make and remember, it is a family effort. Enjoy the time you are being given as a family!


How is Miss Taylor spending V.E day?

The street I live on has organised an afternoon tea sit out. All of my neighbours will grab a chair and have a cake and cup of tea together (obviously social distancing). It is nice we can come together as a street and celebrate in some way.

Activity 1: Make some bunting

As a family, all the staff at St Thomas's would love you to make a bunting per family. It will need to be around 7 flags long in order for it to hang. We would like you to design it to represent V.E day and we would like you try and make it meaningful to your family. You can use any materials you have in your household to make the flag shapes, such as: cereal boxes, paper, card, etc..

Try and make them stand out as Mrs Farnworth would love to have some of them hanging in our hall. - V.E day bunting tutorial (easy version) - How to make paper chains tutorial





  • Research Winston Churchill and create a fact file about him
  • Write a post card from the past. If you were at the first ever V.E day, what would you be doing? Who would you be with? How did you celebrate?
  • Design your own V.E medal
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