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Tuesday 14th July

Reading Activities - The Firework-maker's Daughter.  I will be reading a chapter a day or splitting a chapter into two parts. Today is Chapter 6. 


Link to Chapter -


Maths Activity - Moving from Y5 into Y6 Mathematics Transition Activity - Here is a selection of Mathematical games and activities for you to complete. It will go live on Tuesday but does not have to be completed until Thursday. I will give you two days/the week to submit the pack completed. Games can be played as a family, if you can't print, you can always draw your own version or make the digit cards yourself quickly. I've tried to make it accessible to all in someway. 


Literacy Activity - Moving from Y5 to Y6 Literacy Transition Activity - Here is a selection of Literacy activities for you to complete on Tuesday and Thursday. It has writing activities, grammar activities, and spelling activities that you should be able to complete. 

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