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To start today's phonics please can you recap all of your phase 3 and phase 5 sounds.You can use your sound mats or you could use the flash cars on phonics play


Can you now practise your tricky words- You need to be able to read and spell these



This week I would like you to practice your common exception words. You need to be able to read and write these words. 

Today we want to pick 5 words that you might have struggled to read and write yesterday and i want you to learn to read and spell them. This can be in lots of different ways. You could make some flash cards with the words on to help you read them. 

To help you spell them why don't you try some of these activities or ones that you can find at the bottom of this page 



Over the last few weeks you have been learning how to use fullstops, question marks and exclamation marks. Now have a go at the activity at the bottom of this page 'Punctuation Practise'



Challenge Time

Use objects around the house to help you solve this problem in a practical way and then have a go at writing the number sentence. Ask an adult to check your answer. Good luck!



Science- sorting animal into groups. Watch the 6 videos on   


Activity 1

Can you draw a animal from each of the different animal groups and explain why they belong to that animal group. 


Activity 2

Can you ask all you family what their favourite animals are- if there are not many people in your house why not ring some of your friends and family and ask them. Then can you sort the animals into the 6 different animal groups. You might want to draw or write the different animals. 




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