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Monday, 29th June

Hello everyone, 


I hope you had a lovely weekend even though the weather wasn't the best and are looking forward to another great week of home learning. I have been so impressed with your attitudes to learning and all the great work that you have produced. 


Please continue to add your excellent work to Dojo so that I can give you your points. 


Have a great week, 


Mrs T



Here are today's tasks...






Practice your multiplication facts on Hit the Button. These are very important as they will help you in so many areas of maths.


Main session

We have now finished our work on money, although please keep reviewing it. Today we will start our work on shapes which will build on the work that you did in Year 1. 



What 2D shapes do you know?


Firstly, watch the videos about 2D shapes on the BBC Bitesize website. You don't need to do the work sheets on it as I have attached work to be completed below.



Our focus today will be the properties of 2D shapes.


Watch this video. 



Afterwards I would like you to try the sheet attached below and check your work against the answers.

Remember, you can either print it, write the answers out or discuss them with a family member.



If your child finds the White Rose sheet fairly easy I have also attached an additional problem solving activity. As that suggests the questions are more tricky, take time and are to extend learning further. They get more difficult as you work through them. The answers are also provided to support you to review the work.



You can also refer to this to support your learning. It gives an overview of shape in Y2 including the key vocabulary. 





We have now finished all our literacy work on Africa. I have been so impressed with your country, famous individuals, animal and riddle work. They have all been fabulous!


We only have 3 weeks left of our home learning until we break up for summer. I thought this would be a nice time to write a letter all about yourself to your new teacher. We will write the letter across this week so I don't expect you to write it in one day. 


Today you will plan your letter. The good thing is, this should be easy to do as it is about yourself- someone you know lots about. I would like you to create a mind map with your name and/or a drawing of yourself in the middle. You will then write down key words/phrases for each of the areas below. (You don't need to write in full sentences on here, this is your plan- you can draw or write): 


> You and your family.

> Hobbies and what you like to do in your spare time.

> Subjects you do and don't like at school and why.

> Questions/what you are looking forward to in Y3.


I have attached a copy of this below but you don't need to print it out. You could just create your own on a piece of paper. 


Remember to add detail!










Last week we learned about the life of Florence Nightingale. Today we are going to learn about another selfless woman called Mary Seacole. 


Mary Seacole lived more than 150 years ago and had an adventurous life travelling across many lands to run businesses and help people in need.

During the Crimean War, Mary travelled to care for wounded and sick soldiers.


Watch the video below to find out more about Mary and her achievements.




Watch all the videos and complete the activities.

Activity 1

Create a poster about the life and achievements of Mary Seacole.


Activity 2

Put the events in order

Can you remember what happened to Mary Seacole?



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