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Tuesday 7th July

9:00am - 9:30am - Exercise time - Joe Wicks LIVE 9am - Kids Yoga - Go Noodle videos


9:30am - 10:30am MATHS 

Summer term week 10 Lesson 2- Four Quadrants - Video link for the lesson

The worksheets will no longer be posted on the website due to copyright reasons. The worksheet for today's lesson is on Class Dojo for you to complete.



Due to being back in school, I will be unable to mark work sent to me. Therefore, I will be attaching the answers to the class website for the additional work and posting the answers for White Rose on Dojo. Please mark your own work as another teacher will be looking after my Dojo.

10:30am - 11:00am BREAK TIME

Make the most of your break time, you can: go for some fresh air, have a snack, colouring, watch a newsround clip, etc..


11:00am - 12:15pm LITERACY/READING 

Activity 1: Escape puzzles

Your first activity today is to read some escape puzzles. They involve a lot of thinking and understanding of the puzzles. You may want to work with an adult or an older sibling to help you. I will attach the solutions for you to have a look and see if you were close!

Which do you think is the cleverest? Why do you think that? Were some harder than others?


Can you solve this Harry Potter puzzle?

Activity 2: Imagine some escape rooms

You are going to be watching Anthony Horowitz talking about the top five escapes for Alex Rider (main character in his book). If you haven't read his book, I recommend you do as they are fantastic! - Alex Rider's greatest escapes

After watching the video, I would like you to fill in the worksheet named 'Alex escapes' with your ideas.


After you have completed the worksheet, I would like you to read the extract and underline all the challenges that Alex faces as he tries to escape the prison. Which is the biggest challenge?

Activity 3: Write about an escape!

You are going to be writing about your own escape in this final activity! You will need to look at the diagram named 'Alcatraz'. You can look at this real life prison on Google Earth.


I would like you to imagine you are locked up in Alcatraz and you were innocent! You have to get out of this horrible place and try and prove you are innocent! Can you write how you plan to escape using the diagram and google maps? Try and make it as detailed as possible. You may want to look at the escape planner to help you think about what to write.

12:15pm - 1:15pm LUNCH



Session 5 - Lost but not lost

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