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We hope you are all ok? 

Please sign up to Class Dojo as soon as possible so we can be in contact with you. 




To start today's phonics please can you recap all of your phase 2 and phase 3 sounds.You can use your sound mats (which are in your packs) or you could use the flash cars on phonics play

Username- pimhole 

password- orange


or you could sing our jolly phonics songs. 


Jolly Phonics Phase 2 a - z

Jolly Phonics Phase three

Today we are going to be looking at the sound 'igh' Watch the video below and then ask your child to read and write these words.

high        tight

tonight   light

might      night


igh sound / trigraph - Mr Thorne Does Phonics



Reading is so important for your child. Please make sure you read with them everyday. I have sent reading books home with your child. Please make sure you read the book with your child and ask them questions about what they are reading. 




Yesterday we starting looking at one more and on less with numbers up to 10. We made a number line on the floor using tiles. You could do this today by putting the numbers on a piece of paper and placing them on the floor. We want you to start of this session by watching this video:


Today we would like you to roll a dice and say which number is one more or one less of the number it lands on. If you cant find a dice ask someone to give you a number 1-10. 

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