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Friday, 3rd April

Hi Year 2, 


It's already Friday again! 


Well done for all your hard work so far, it has been lovely seeing your great work. 


Today we are continuing our maths work on fractions. For literacy/history I would like you to create a mind map of everything you know about the Great Fire of London. You had already built up lots of knowledge in class and have continued this at home. Now show me what you know. Use the question prompts below to support you to recall the information.


If you can, make time to do some exercise. I did a fitness class at 6.30 this morning and I already feel great, it gives you lots of energy. 


Take care and stay safe, 


Mrs T





At the end of today we break up for the Easter holidays for two weeks.


Your Easter home learning tasks relax, enjoy your break and eat some chocolate (but not too much!).

I hope that you all have a lovely Easter break! 




Continue to work on fractions using the White Rose Hub website.


Week 2- Lesson 2: Find a third


Complete the worksheet- remember you can either print it, write the answers out or discuss them with a family member.

Create a mind map to show me your learning of the Great Fire of London.

You can write, draw or do both.


Think about:- 

What was it?



How did it start/ end?

How long did it last?

Why did the fire spread so easily?

Key people involved?

Who was King?

How did they stop it?

What was London like before/after the fire?



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