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Daily Phonics and Reading Activities

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 How you can help your child with their phonics. 

 In school your child will take part in daily phonics sessions and it is important to carry this on with your child at home.


Using Phonics play will help you with this and these games are effective and practical.




1. Reading phase 3 and 5 sounds  

In your pack you will have been given a sound mat for phase 3 and 5. This can be used in phonics but also within writing to help your child.


On phonics play- Your child might like reading the sounds on the car game. How long does it take you?  



2. Reading tricky words. Phase 3,4,5


Read the tricky words with your child. Highlight the words that your child struggles with these can be the focus words. Chooses approximately 5 a week and make flash cards or play matching pairs games. When your child is more confident with these words move onto the next five. Some days you could ask your child to write some of the words they are confident reading. 


These are also on phonics play using the tricky word trucks. Can you time how long it takes you to read them?


3. Picking a sound. 

Choose a phase 5 sound with your child. This could be a sound your child might have been struggling with or a sound that has been coming up in their reading book. 


4. Reading and writing words containing the sound. 

Ask your child to read the sound then give them some words with the sound in to read and write. 

Have a look at the document below which has examples for some words containing phase 5 sounds. 


For support with teaching phonics and recognising the correct pronunciation of the the sounds made by the phase 3 and phase 5 phonemes, check out this website. 

Daily Reading Books and Activities


It is important that your child reads for at least 15 mins every day. You can choose books from a range of excellent websites. Collins Big Cat e-books can be linked to your child's reading level. If you feel they are not finding the books challenging enough they can move up to the next colour band. There are also questions and activities at the end of the books to support their learning.

How to access free Collins Big Cat ebooks

Go to Collins Connect and click on the Teacher portal and enter: 


Password: Parents20! 

and click Login. 


There are also other good websites that will support your child's reading at home:

It is also important that you read regularly to your child. The website below offers a great selection of good quality books on-line books that you can share with your child:
  • St Thomas's C.E. Primary School
  • Pimhole Road, Bury
  • United Kingdom, BL9 7EY
  • tel: 01617 647565
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