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Monday 22nd

MONDAY Literacy

Activity 1: Read 'Certainty' and watch it on Youtube

As a class, I think it is important to reflect on other people's experiences in lockdown. Some people have missed out on life changing situations and others have just missed normal life. Is there anything you have missed out on? Did you manage to complete this somehow? What are you looking forward to doing?


Your first activity today is to read the poem named 'Certainty'. You may want to do this a couple of times and see if you can guess what the poem is about. 

You can then watch it being read by the creators. I would like you to reflect on:

  • how the couple perform the poem
  • what you like about the poem
  • why you think Nationwide bank chose to feature this in their advert
  • what did you like about the poem? - Link for the poem

Activity 2: Adverbs of possibility work

Today, your grammar focus is adverbs of possibility. Can you remember why we use an adverb? They can often relate to how likely or unlikely something is going to happen in the future. You may want to have a quick recap using the revision sheet below. Then, I would like you to attempt the activity below.


Activity 3: Have a go at creating your own 'In 6 months time' poem

I would like you to now think of your life in 6 months time and what you think you will be doing by then. Do you think we will be still like we are now? Are you hoping for some normality? I would like you to make a list of your possibilities and what you can be sure of.

I would like you to try and arrange your hopes and possibilities into a poem like the Nationwide advert. Can you have a go at performing your own?




Area and perimeter.


Watch the video and complete the activities on Class DoJo




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