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Wednesday 22nd April


Today we will begin to look at prefixes.


Prefixes are a group of letters that change the meaning of a word when they are added to the start. Most prefixes mean a similar thing when they're added to different words.

  1. un usually means not. For example, unhappy, unlocked, unfair
  2. dis and mis usually have negative meanings. For example, disagree, disobey, misbehave, mislead
  3. re usually means again or back. For example, redo, reappear, redecorate
  4. sub usually means under. For example, subheading or submarine


Watch the video and have a go at the quiz.


Week 2- Lesson 4: Non-Unit Fractions


Please watch the video to support your understanding and then try the sheet below. Remember, you can either print it, write the answers out or discuss them with a family member.

The answer sheet has also been attached to allow you to check your work. 

Literacy You have learnt a lot about Captain Tom Moore over the last few days. I would now like you to use this knowledge to support you to complete a reading comprehension. 


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