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2nd April


One more and one less

Collect objects (raisins, counters etc). Place them on a plate. If the grown up with you says ‘one more’, add one more and say what you have now. If they say ‘one less’, then take one away (eat one?) and count how many are left.

Choose toys from your room. Count how many you have. Can you make another group of toys showing one more and one less?

Build a lego tower. Count how many bricks. Can you make a tower showing one more and one less?


Lesson 3- Introducing capacity and volume

Continue to  learn about weight and mass on the White Rose hub website

Watch the video and then attempt the questions.

Either print and complete, write the answers on a separate sheet or discuss the answers with an adult or older brother or sister.



Continue with your diary so we can read what you have been up to.

Can you choose 3 tricky words and use them in a super sentence?

Go onto

Can you play one of the games and make sure you are reading the words correctly.

Learning tasks 2nd April

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