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The Natural World - Biomes, Tsunamis and Hurricanes - Spring 2 Focus

Tsunami Facts for Kids!

A fun filled science lesson for kids explaining many facts about tsunamis including how a tsunami is formed, how big tsunamis are, and what causes a tsunami!...

NOAA Tsunami Animation

Public Domain - please credit NOAAFormat: MP4 1280x720Download link: showing the generation of a tsunami due to seismic acti...


Hurricanes - Learning about Hurricanes for kids and children

A hurricane is a huge storm with powerful winds and lots of rain. They can be up to 600 miles across, and make a spiraling shape.Hurricanes are formed over w...

Hurricane | The Dr. Binocs Show | Educational Videos For Kids

Hey Kids, after explaining Earthquake, Tsunami and Volcano in detail, Dr. Binocs is here to explain Hurricane in his own style. Watch the video and learn all...

How Do Hurricanes Form?

Hurricanes are very large and intense storms. But where do these giant storms come from?Learn more about the GOES-R series of weather satellites! https://www...

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