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Wednesday 15th July

Task 1: Watch 'Secondary School Highlights'

When you go to high school, you are going to experience so many different things. Your high schools are going to offer you incredible experiences and you should make sure you are a part of as many of them as you can. There are opportunities for you to visit different places, take part in many experiments, represent your school in competitions and to attend prom. They are experiences that you will never forget so make sure you choose your experiences wisely! These experiences can often lead to new friendships too so if your other friends don't want to do something, don't let that stop you! - Secondary school highlights

Task 2: End of year memories

Today, you are going to reflect on our time in Year 6. Our time was unfortunately cut short due to Coronavirus but we had plenty of laughs along the way. I would like you to complete your end of year memory sheet and reflect on your time in Year 6.

Task 3: Session 8 - Friendships and Fallouts

Complete the transition lesson for today named 'friendships and fallouts'. You will need to look at the powerpoint first before filling in the worksheets. Remember, the previous lessons do not need to be completed for you to join in with this lesson. Please make sure you make an effort to complete these lessons as they are important, especially with no transitions this year.

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