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Thursday 16th July

Reading Activities - The Firework-maker's Daughter.  I will be reading a chapter a day or splitting a chapter into two parts. Today is Chapter 7 Part 2. 


Link to Chapter -


Maths Activity - Moving from Y5 into Y6 Mathematics Transition Activity - Here is a selection of Mathematical games and activities for you to complete. It will go live on Tuesday but does not have to be completed until Thursday. I will give you two days/the week to submit the pack completed. Games can be played as a family, if you can't print, you can always draw your own version or make the digit cards yourself quickly. I've tried to make it accessible to all in someway. 


Literacy Activity - Moving from Y5 to Y6 Literacy Transition Activity - Here is a selection of Literacy activities for you to complete on Tuesday and Thursday. It has writing activities, grammar activities, and spelling activities that you should be able to complete. 


Spelling Test - Listen to each word on the individual pages on the seesaw document. Write each word on the correct page. If you cannot hear the audio, please do the test on paper and upload a photo so I can see your spellings and scores. Well done for the very last Spelling Test!


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