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13th January 2021


Today for your maths I would like you to make some repeating patterns using objects in your home. You can start off by making a simple repeating pattern, for example hat, glove, hat, glove, hat, glove. If you can do this easily try and challenge yourself. You could try making a pattern using three objects so it could be shoe, sock, hat, shoe, sock, hat. Or you could do shoe, shoe, sock, shoe, shoe, sock. See what different patterns you can make.



For your phonics today I would like you to listen to the rhyming story 'This is the Bear and the picnic lunch' (see below). Once you have listened see if you can identify which words rhymed in the list below.


What rhymes with: 

Lunch - crunch/apple

Box- socks/shoes

Chair- guard/bear

Closed- black/nose

Asleep- tremendous/leap

Floor- hide/door

Lunch- box/crunch

Everywhere- brave/bear

Munch- picnic/lunch

This is the Bear and the Picnic Lunch

Sharing the story "This is the Bear and the Picnic Lunch" by Sarah Haynes

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