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Useful information about the classroom's weekly routine


Useful Information

Below are details of your child’s weekly routine and any other additional information which may be useful.


Children will require their P.E. kits every Monday. Please ensure they bring it in next week. They should then leave it in school until the half term holiday. This will ensure that they don’t regularly forget their P.E. kit.

Reading Books / Homework

Reading Books – The children will change their reading books every Monday and Friday. Could you please sign their reading journal to show that your child has read their reading book? Remember, it is important you read with your child for fifteen minutes every evening.

Lending Library - The children's lending library book will be changed every Tuesday afternoon. Please ensure it is returned to school on Tuesday  morning with a completed book review.

Spellings – Children will be given a spelling list every Monday and will be tested on these spellings on Friday. As part of their homework, children will be expected to use three words from the list to write their own sentences on the back of the sheet. They need to hand this in on Friday.

Learning log – Children will be given learning log challenges on Friday linked to the work they have been covering throughout the week. This needs to be handed in the following Wednesday.

Creative / Baking Money

Could you please send your child in with 50p creative money every week. This will allow additional opportunities within the classroom for baking and tasting activities.

Please do not hesitate to see me after the school day if you have any questions or need any further information.

Thank you for your anticipated support.

Mrs Ellis
Year 1 teacher


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