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Tuesday, 9th June

Hello Year 2, 


Here are today's tasks...




We will continue to look at contractions. This is where we use apostrophes to join/shorten two words to make one word, for example, 'can' and 'not' becomes 'cannot'. 


Please look at the power point attached below.


Then try the worksheet below. You don't need to print it out, just write the answers out. 


Afterwards please rewrite the passage below using contractions. For example, 'I am' becomes 'I'm'. You can then check the answers by finding this page in the powerpoint. 










Please focus on ordering numbers from 1-100 forwards and backwards.



Main session

SUMMER: Week 6 Lesson 4 Odd and even numbers

Complete the lesson on the White Rose hub website (see links below)

  • Please watch the video to support your understanding.
  • Try the sheet which will be sent to you on Class Dojo.
  • Check your work against the answers.


Remember, you can either print it, write the answers out or discuss them with a family member.



If your child finds the White Rose sheet fairly easy I have also attached some additional problem solving questions. 




We are going to learn all about Africa for our literacy and topic work. Where it is, famous landmarks, people and art.  





Today I would like you to learn about an overview of the continent Africa by watching some videos about the countries that make it up and by reading a powerpoint.


Click on the following link to watch the videos: 

(You don't need to do the activities on this page unless you want to). 


Now look at the following powerpoint (attached below)


Now you have learnt lots about the continent Africa I would like you to complete this fact sheet. You don't need to print it out, just create your own overview like this.







Bonjour, in Year 3 you will start to have French lessons with Mrs Bell so I thought we would get ahead and learn a little today by learning some greetings. 


Everton trio Morgan Schneiderlin, Kurt Zouma and Lucas Digne are on hand to help Ben Shires teach all about French greetings.

Watch and move along with this active learning video.


You can also learn some French numbers. Watch this clip in which French children demonstrate how to play La Marelle, a playground counting game.


Activity 1

Have a brief conversation in French with someone in your household.

Say: "Hello" and "How are you?" and "Goodbye" during the conversation.



If you would like to practise some more try activity 2.


Activity 2

Test out your French skills with an activity sheet (attached below) use the phrases to construct conversations for the characters in the comic strips.



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