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Thursday 14th May

Reading Activities - Goodnight Mister Tom (Chapter 15 - Home). This chapter is very emotional and some of you may find what happens in this chapter sad (I definitely did so don't worry if you do) due to the physical and emotional abuse that occurs and mental health problems present (we have talked about these in school).  Please listen to the chapter and tick to the box to prove you have listened to them. There is an activity that follows. There are a few questions to answer about the chapter.


Link to Chapter -


Maths Activity - MNP Area and Perimeter - Review 12. This is a recap of our learning on Area and Perimeter. Remember for Perimeter that it is the length all around the shape where you add up the measurements. Area is the space inside the shape and worked out by multiplying the sides. There is no teaching video but there is a video explaining the task. 


Link to Guidance video for Workbook -


Literacy Activity - Questions about the chapter of GMT (Home). 

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