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Friday 15th May

Reading Activities - Goodnight Mister Tom (Chapter 16 - The Search). Please listen to the chapter and tick to the box to prove you have listened to them. 


Link to chapter -


Maths Activity - This is a revision lesson of working out area of compound shapes. You should all be able to do this know by splitting the shape, work out the separate areas, add them together for the final area. You may need to annotate the shape with the correct lengths using the measurements given first. Prove to me you can do this as I know you all can. I'll upload an example of how to work it out on Class Dojo. Activity is on Seesaw.

1. Split the shape.

2. Work out the areas of the split shapes.

3. Add the areas together.

4. Don't forget the correct measurements.


Literacy Activity - I would like you to write a letter in the role of William to Mr. Oakley If Willie had time to write to Mister Tom to ask him to help, what would he say? Think about the points below and write a letter to Tom from Willie.

• Tell Tom about what has happened since you left him.

• Tell Tom about Trudy the baby.

• Tell Tom about how you have been hurt.

• Ask Tom to help you.


Spelling Test - This is on Seesaw. Listen to the words on each page and scribe the corresponding word. If you cannot hear the audio, get your parents to test you and upload a picture of your test on the activity. 

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