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Thursday 25th


Activity 1: How do all these images link?

Today's first activity is to look at all the different images on the document below. I would like you to look at the images closely and think about what they are showing and what the message is behind the images. You need to write sentences for each image and then think about how all the images could link together.



Image 1 looks like someone is asking for something by holding a cup out. I think the image represents that some people struggle every day in life and are really struggling during lockdown. I think this picture is very powerful as it can teach us as a community to help the more vulnerable.


You can leave picture 1 out if you can not think of anything else to say about it. Remember my thoughts may not be yours and I love to hear what you think.

Activity 2: The Great Realisation 

You are now going to read a poem titled 'the great realisation'. Before you read the poem, I would like you to predict what the poem may be about. Think about the title of the poem and what it could be linked to. Once you have read the poem, I would like you to listen to it being performed. 

After you have read and listened to the poem, I would like you to answer the following questions below:


  • What message do you think the writer was trying to tell to his readers?
  • What is important about this poem?
  • How does this poem make you feel? Does it make you see things differently?
  • What did you like about the poem? Why?
  • What did you dislike about the poem? Why?

Activity 3: Write your own lockdown poem

I would like you to try and be creative and reflect on your time in lockdown. As an adult, I am finding that I took a lot of things for granted, for examples: going to a shop without having to queue and going to my favourite places to eat. However, it has made me realise how important other things are and what I want in my future and how I can change to do that. Can you reflect on your time in lockdown and your focuses for after it is over and make them into a poem?


For example:


Who knew going to the shops would be such a chore?

Who knew my life would turn into such a bore?


Who knew seeing family would be so distant?

Who knew the zoom quizzes would be so persistent? 


Who knew the British weather could be so fine?

Who knew I could make it past a bedtime at nine?


Who knew the sky could be so empty?

Who knew a country would deny me my summer entry?


All I know from now on for sure,

I need to be with my family more.




Volume of a cube.


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