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To start today's phonics please can you recap all of your phase 3 and phase 5 sounds.You can use your sound mats or you could use the flash cars on phonics play


Can you now practice your tricky words- You need to be able to read and spell these


This half term we are going to be looking at alternative spellings. Today we are going to start with 'e' (Please introduce your child to the 5 vowels when teaching them this week- these are a,e,i,o,u)

Can you read and write these words?

he              region

me             decent 





Use these games  to practice your 'e' sound today



Lesson 1 Comparing length and height

Watch the following video then complete the answer sheet.

Ask an adult to check your work using the answer sheet. 



This week we will be practising to use a capital letter and fullstop.

When we write sentences, we always use a capital letter at the start. We also use capital letters for I and for proper nouns (the names of people, places, languages, days of the week and countries).

Watch the video below and see if you can help Captain Capital defeat Captain Chaos.

At the end of a sentence we put punctuation, this is usually a full stop but can also be a question mark, or exclamation mark, depending on the type of sentence.

For this lesson, we're going to focus on full stops.


Activity 1: Punctuate with MC Ernie

Play the 'Punctuation' mini game on Small Town Superheroes. Use the yellow arrows to navigate to the 'Ernie' section to find the 'Punctuation' game. Click on the link below to access the game.









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