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Thursday 16th July

Task 1: Watch 'Braydon vs Mr Burton: the truth about starting secondary school'

Today's clip is talking about the truths of starting high school! I am sure some of the things that come up in this video will be things you are all thinking. I want this video to put your mind at ease as there is nothing to worry about! You are going to love high school and all the experience you will be given. - Braydon vs. Mr Burton video

Task 2: Session 9 - Living well

Complete the transition lesson for today named 'living well'. You will need to look at the powerpoint first before filling in the worksheets. Remember, the previous lessons do not need to be completed for you to join in with this lesson. Please make sure you make an effort to complete these lessons as they are important, especially with no transitions this year.

Task 3: Complete 'Get Organised' worksheet
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